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                          MY CIRCLE OF LIFE

                                                                  My Funeral Wishes, Reflections and Documents



Thank you for allowing me to help you with one of the most important and personal documents you will ever write

Having experienced working as a Funeral Director, becoming a Funeral Celebrant and being a loving daughter,

mother, sister, aunt and friend, I have seen and heard of many families going through despair by trying to find

details and information at a time when they are grieving and possibly not thinking to the best of their ability.

One story I heard from an acquaintance was that his mum and dad were living in the same house but were separate in their day to day life. His father unfortunately developed Dementia and eventually was placed in a Nursing Home. When he died, his mother decided that she would no have a funeral for him. His son and other family members and friends were so devastated that the did not have the opportunity to “say goodbye” and to begin their process of grieving and going through the emotions that a funeral

can release. When I mentioned this book that I was in the process of creating, he was very sad that he never had

the opportunity to have asked his father what his wishes were so he could have organised a funeral that was fitting for the extraordinary person his father was. If his dad had of expressed his wishes and written them down, he would have been in a better position to have the “send off ”, he deserved.

I was also in the position of being asked to plan my mum and dad’s and a friends wishes when I realised there was very little available which could answer all of their questions and provide them with a user-friendly book where they could have time and privacy to think about their wishes and answer all of the questions required. This planner

also allows you to make changes as your circumstances change.

This Memorandum Book will allow you to take the pressure off the decision maker by providing all of the

information required by Births, Deaths and Marriages and your Funeral Director so your family or loved ones do not have to go through the stress of finding information or making decisions at a time when they are emotional and

in need of support themselves.

This is not a legal document but a journal to express your wishes for your funeral and other important information

you may like to pass on to your family or loved ones. I guarantee your family and loved ones will appreciate

you taking the time to fill in this book so they can spend time reflecting on your life and appreciate time with their family and friends, rather than running around finding the information required at this very sad, stressful and sometimes busy time. Imagine your grandchildren and great grandchildren being able to hold something tangible in their hands that you have hand written which tells them so much about the story of your life. Let’s face it, we all will unfortunately die one day, it is inevitable so why not help your family fulfill your wishes in the way you would like. I hope this book gives you the incentive to start to think about these important decisions and feel more comfortable to be able to speak with your loved ones about the importance of following your instructions. I also hope this guide helps you think about all of the wonderful things you have achieved in your life, the wonderful friends and family you have and just how important you are to this world. It can be a very positive experience and maybe you can reminisce and have a bit of fun at the same time!

Best Wishes